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Vital Learning’s curriculum helps team leaders develop work environments based on commitment not compliance. We provide complimentary  “on-demamd, train-the-trainer to support your successful in-house implementation.  Certification is not required but available if desired.

Leadership Essential Series- Quick ways to evaluate the courses:

  1. Download a course matrix  for learning objectives and skill points for each module.
  2. Gain immediate access to a recorded tour of the classroom content. You can access a demo workbook and other sample materials from inside this tour.
  3. Get immediate access to a demo of the online content here.

For a more detailed course by course evaluation, you can explore each topic here and download a fact sheet.


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Team Development Series

Additional learning solutions designed to build key strategic capabilites every leader needs to perform at the highest level.

Talent Development Series

By delivering this effective training in this method, it enables the students to learn new skills, apply them on the job for a week, and then return to the next training session where they can discuss their actual on the job applications. Then they learn the skills of the next new module.JoAnne Johnson
Director of Education for Forrest General Hospital
Click here to download a report on Forrest General Hospital’s implementation of the supervision series
Developing and Coaching Others (Sr. Mgmt Version)


When we rolled this workshop out to our managers, several of the first executives who participated recognized that it had the potential for helping us generate strategic results such as improved customer retention, increased profitability, and reduced turnover of key employees. Based on that observation, we now refer to the workshop internally as Managing People for Results.Bob Rohrbough
Mission Linen Supply’s Learning & Development Manager.
Click here to download a report on Mission Linen’s roll out of the supervision series.

There are 12 separate training courses in the Supervision Series – Leadership Essentials. Each may be taken independently of the others, however it is highly recommended that Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communicating be taken first because they are the foundation.

The classroom version of each course is designed to be completed in a half-day. The Online versions are broken into several micro units to allow for blended learning pre/post-classroom assignments. Most micro unit can be completed in about 10 minutes.


Download a White Paper on the effect of good supervision on Winning the Talent Wars – Click here