About Us

Who is The TEAM Approach, Inc.?

Our Staff, Associates and Affiliates are a team of experienced professionals who come from Government, Fortune 500 Companies, and Small Business. We have run our own companies, started private non-profit organizations, and worked our way into key management positions within organizations that we have served.

We have pounded the pavement selling products and services and soared the skies flying worldwide missions as part of the US Military. We have functioned in organizational roles that include: President, Owner, HR Manager, Training Officer, Aircraft Commander, Manager of Sales Training and Development, Chief Nurse, Sr. International Training Consultant, and Military Officer.

We are The TEAM Approach®. We have experienced team synergy and team conflict. We have participated in quality teams and counterproductive teams, sales teams and dream teams, teams that did not know that they were teams, and teams that rose to the occasion. We have witnessed teams that played hard ball and teams that supported and encouraged each member to use their unique strengths to help the organization win. We know that there are specific elements that contribute to superior team performance and that there are other elements that contribute to costly losses in output and process. We know that positive relationships are the real key to success in life!

Mission To develop passion and drive to achieve the purpose and goals of your team by installing a team approach culture and the skills to support it within your organization.


  • We see people working in organizations understanding the connections between what they do, and how they go about doing it, and the global need for peace, collaboration, and life-sustaining activity.
  • We see facilitators in each of these organizations who are skilled in helping each member understand and value themselves and their team members.
  • We see leaders in these organizations who understand themselves enough to know that differences between people can be an organizational strength.
  • We see organizations that understand the key role each individual plays in the overall success of that organization.
  • We see organizations becoming more successful because they embrace and act upon this philosophy.
  • We see a planet that supports life and values peace because these people and these organizations exist.

Who Are the key players? In addition to the key stakeholders who are located in beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvania, team members in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Vermont, and Maryland bring additional expertise in supporting teams and team leaders.

What do we believe about personal and organizational development?

  1. All development is self-development.
  2. You learn only what you want to learn, when you want to learn it.
  3. Feedback is essential for learning.
  4. Not all performance problems are cured by instruction.
  5. Behavior is not changed in a single training event, but as a result of a process that links the learning to practice and feedback.
  6. Organizational change is most successful when developed and implemented at the team level, one team at a time.

Our Team