360 Feedback

Do you provide coaching to team leaders?

A 360 feedback assessment is a powerful tool in the coaching process. Using our Team Leader Skills assessment you can obtain the perceptions of your subject’s team members, his or her boss (Manager), peers and others and compare them to a self-perception. Often this process uncovers issues that may contribute to low morale, decreased productivity, lack of commitment, or increased turnover. With the help of a unique Self Development Toolkit, coach your subject to build on strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Pick an option that is right for you:

Option 1 – Let us administer the process for you using 20/20Insight and our standard Team Leader Skill Set.

20/20 Insight allows your subject’s team, and others, to respond to this survey anonymously (with the exception of the subject’s manager) and provide both numerical scores and written comments for each of the 40 questions in the survey (plus three summary comment options at the end). Our fee for the service is based on a total web-based process.

When your subject and all team members have responded, we will print a report and send it to you or your subject via e-mail. The report will feature two scales- Importance and Performance. Additionally, any comments that were provided will appear unedited and attached to the corresponding item in the survey. Review our process

Option 2 – Design your own assessment and work with our data analyst to set up and administer your project.  Based on your specifications, a quote for the service will be provided.

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Option 3 – You manage the process with your purchase of 20/20 Insight. Use this software tool for 360 degree feedback projects for leadership, managers, sales representatives and others. Also, use it for organizational climate surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, training needs assessments, training evaluation assessments, and more! To explore this versatile tool, review the online showcase (you need Flash installed on your computer), or schedule a product tour with our technical support staff. If you are an independent consultant, ask about our 20/20 Insight Associate opportunity.

Our Process for Managing 360 Feedback Projects:

Conducting a 360 feedback process as part of your coaching practice is a serious task. Therefore, we require some basic grounding in the art of 360 feedback. While we do not conduct reference checks or testing, we do ask that you review the 20/20 Power User site prior to ordering your first Team Leader Skills assessment.

To begin your project we’ll need the names of each person participating (the subjects) and their individual e-mail addresses. We will invite them to a web site where they will enter the names and email addresses of their raters (you can do this for them if you wish).

We recommend you conduct a simple orientation session with your participants while we set up your project. We will provide a PowerPoint file and telephone support.

In addition, you will want to have a copy of a Sample Report to show your subject and prospective raters.

Please be sure to coach respondents (the respondent instructions at the web site will also do this) and let them know that no one will be able to know who said what – unless they write a comment in a way that indicates their identity, e.g.: “last week when we were at the finance meeting, you said…”  Encourage your participants to write comments. They are the richest part of this process. Numbers are nice, but comments tell the full story.

We will send a personalized e-mail message to each respondent with a link to the web-based assessment. You, as the consultant, will also receive this link for information purposes – obviously, you do not complete the assessment.

After completing the assessment, respondents will log off the web-module server. We will accept their data into your project file on our computer.

When all participants have responded, we will prepare a report and send it to the subjects via e-mail as a PDF file.  The report will feature two scales- Pmportance and performance. The report will show the aggregate score for the respondents in each relationship category, the distribution for each of the items, as well as all comments which will appear exactly as they are provided by the respondents. (Note that the ratings provided by the subject’s Manager will be shown separately as well as factored into the average.)

You and your subjects will also receive a copy of the Self Development Tool Kit. This document is used to create goals and an action plan after reviewing the written report. You will find this tool to be a fantastic supplement to your coaching

Investment – if you select items from our standard skill set the fee for a single subject is $595.  For multi-subject  projects, or more customization of items, scales, etc., request a quote.