20/20 Insight / 360 Feedback

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It’s no secret that much of our investment in interpersonal skills training is wasted without proper follow-up and feedback.

The TEAM Approach can help you create a feedback culture in two ways:

1. We can administer all your projects for you

We can provide 360 feedback services to your organization on a project by project basis.  We handle all the details and give you the final reports.  If needed, we can also provide coaching to the subjects of the feedback as well as orientation sessions (virtual or classroom) for subjects and raters.

A typical process:

  • Consult with you to develop or customize an assessment
  • Provide orientation session for subjects
  • Subjects nominate raters
  • Internal approval of nominated raters by manager or HR
  • Provide orientation recorded session for raters
  • Launch 360 project
  • Collect feedback and prepare reports
  • Deliver the reports in a 1/2 day feedback session, creating individual development plans
  • One on One coaching option available

For more information contact us by phone (800/864-4911) or email to learn more about our services.

2. You can manage the process yourself with 20/20 Insight360art

You obtain a license to use to 20/20Insight in your organization which includes a one-year subscription to training on demand and we can support you in getting started.

Evaluation Options
  1. You can download a PDF product booklet on feedback services, a one-page summary, and a sample 360 report.
  2. Let us take you for a tour. In 90 minutes we can show you this tool, how easy it is to customize an assessment, how it can be used for both 360 and organizational assessments and give you a peek at the library of assessment items and categories that will get you started just send us an email to set this up.
  3. Give us a call for a tour, or we can set you up for a free 30-day demo, a working copy of the software so you can try a small project before you purchase.  This demo will provide you with one license to administer a 360 feedback project for one person.

Review a recorded webinar exploring best practices in 360 feedback