BAD Idea Campaign

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The BAD Campaign is a bottom-up 30-day communications campaign that asks employees to focus on cost reduction.

The Objective: Find a way to reduce costs by at least a dollar a day. The BAD campaign creates a climate that is receptive to change and improvement, resulting in major improvements that can produce millions of dollars in annual savings!


 Bad Guy


How about a buck a day? It’s something everyone can understand and relate to. It’s specific, it’s challenging; and it’s a goal everyone can reach. Put the program in 30-day time frame, so it moves quickly and achieves its objective before it becomes part of the woodwork.


By setting a goal for each employee that is challenging yet attainable – at least a dollar a day in job-related savings – BAD Month stimulates a high level of employee participation. It’s light, low-key and fun and gets everyone working toward a common objective.


Although the idea-collection phase only lasts for thirty days (BAD Month), the cost savings generated by the program have a permanent impact. Organizations have found it highly effective to repeat the program each year.


Buck-A-Day is a bottom-up communications program that gets everyone to focus on cost elimination. Complementing the traditional top-down approach to cutting costs, BAD asks every employee to reduce costs in his or her job area.


Buck-A-Day is a professionally designed campaign that is personalized for each client organization. It obtains an extremely high level of voluntary employee participation without the use of monetary awards.


Buck-A-Day has been run successfully in more organizations, ranging from manufacturing plants and hospitals to banks, insurance companies and service industries. It has achieved such a high level of success that we now offer it with a money-back guarantee.

A BAD Idea customer reports results : Results at Mullican Flooring (Virginia, US) –

The participation rate was 78%. We had 385 ideas turned in or about 2.5 ideas per person on average. We had 3 of our 6 departments reach 100% participation. The total savings is still being calculated and several ideas will involve an investment, but the things that we can change immediately with really no investment will save approximately $40,000. That’s an 8 to 1 return on our investment. The result that can’t be calculated is the improvement of morale and the supervisor/employee interaction.


The campaign cost is $35.00 per employee and can be as low as $17.00 depending on the size of your organization. There is a money back guarantee if your organization does not exceed the investment in savings that come from the ideas generated.