Feelings for Retail

Make a Difference & Keep Your Customers Happy

feelings2Feelings achieves a positive transformation in employees by increasing awareness of customer needs, improving skills for dealing with customers, increasing employee’s self-worth and improving communications and cooperation with other employees.

  • Changes attitudes and behaviors
  • Teaches the art of customer service
  • Builds employee morale and teamwork
  • Improves skills for dealing with customers
  • Increases employee’s self-worth
  • Improves communications and cooperation with other employees
  • Keep customers!
  • Improve revenue!


About Feelings Retail Service

Many employee training programs are dull, technical, sophisticated and boring. Keeping the target audience in mind, FEELINGS is designed to be fun, stimulating, and entertaining for the employees. They learn and retain many new skills that benefit them both personally and professionally. It builds spirit and gets their hearts pumping faster. You will see an immediate improvement in behavior and attitudes. Your employees will care more about their customers and about their jobs. FEELINGS is designed and written specifically for your front-line personnel. It is not written for upper management, although all employees must participate. There are additional advanced seminars and consulting services available for middle and upper management.

Superior Training Systems Must Contain Certain Elements of the following:

  • FEELINGS is designed to be very FUN and ENTERTAINING in order to hold each participant’s attention and interest in the program. Employees enjoy participating and want to come back for the next session.
  • FEELINGS is designed to focus on BASICS and FUNDAMENTALS. Front-line employees do not have the experience and expertise found in upper management.
  • FEELINGS includes professionally recorded videos that illustrate every day experiences. Participant Workbooks, Leader’s Guides and materials are designed to be user-friendly and attractively packaged, encouraging participants to work together in the process. Music and humor add to the materials’ emotional impact.
  • EXPERIENTAL LEARNING allows for group participation and interaction, which is the most effective way of learning skills and changing behavior.

Introductory Start-up Special Package For 25 Participants

Participant Package

Everything you need to run this program in your own organization. Train 25 employees at once with participant guides, quality technique cards, a facilitator guide with 3 accompanying DVDs, and certifications of accomplishment. Order now. Need participant packages for more than 25 employees? Add more here.


Facilitator Package

We Train Your Team: One Day In House Seminar

Combine with participant guides to build a package for a smaller team. A user-friendly 170 page count page Leader Guide and a set of 3 DVDs for a leader (facilitator) to train a group of participants. Order Facilitator Package. Want us to handle the training? A Certified Trainer will present the material to your group! Included in the seminar are Participant Packages. Minimum 20 participants required. Sign up now.


We Train You To Train: One Day Train-the-Trainer Seminar

A Certified Trainer will teach the material to a person within your organization, who can then train individuals at your organization. Included are Participant Packages. Sign up now.Packages are available:

  • For 1 to 10,000+ participants, quantity discounts are available (click a package above to learn more)
  • In several languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Romanian, Arabic, and Portuguese. Exceptional Service can also be translated into other languages
  • Can be personalized for your organization