Relationships are the Key!

Since 1986 we have promoted the importance of relationships and worked with thousands of leaders and team members who share that value with us.

Patrick Lencioni once said “teamwork is the greatest competitive advantage any group of people can have.  It isn’t complicated, but it is hard because it takes commitment and intention”.  We agree!

During our 35 plus years of working with teams and team leaders we have identified a small number of truly powerful tools which any group of people can use to achieve great objectives be they charitable or profit-motivated.  

There is no one size approach that fits all teams, so this site contains tools and solutions that can build on each other to help you meet your unique needs. 

Beginning with smart hiring, then helping individual team members and team leaders develop strong interpersonal skills and, finally, pulling it all together moving from work group to team.

Let us help you become a Team of Choice and make a difference in your world!

Learn more about the following products on our division website, Center for Internal Change:

Your team can become a Team of Choice!

Where do we begin?

To begin, you have to know where you are now. Why are you not achieving the results you desire? What is it that you want to change? How much change is needed? Why is this change needed? What is the result you wish to achieve? What will the new result look like? With an understanding of what’s driving where you are now, and where you wish to go, a clear path of action can charted to get there.

Take Action to Become a Team of Choice!

Let us help you assess the situation and map out the requirements to get you there. Take some simple steps to bring performance in alignment with needed business results:

  1.  Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment today to get a clear picture of what is affecting the results

  2. Ask about our Team Checkup to do some of your diagnostic work.

  3. Build a leadership team that knows how to engage your employees. Employee engagement begins and ends with leaders. Attend a virtual tour of our award-winning supervisory content. 

  4. Start with Susan’s Employee Engagement Starter kit and then check out our team leader training curriculum.

  5. Contact us to discuss your team.