Evolution of DiSC

The current third generation of DiSC, published by Wiley, is not only the most powerful DiSC tool available due to its use of adaptive test and contextual reports, but the wrap-around products make it easier than ever to take DiSC from the classroom to the workplace for day-to-day application.

Take a few moments to browse the above presentation and then consider the following:

  • Each DiSC profile is researched against a specific context – Sales, Management, Workplace, Leadership.
  • The web-based delivery platform, EPIC, makes it easy for an in-house administrator to manage the process of assigning access codes and distributing reports.
  • A variety of group reports inform a team, department or organization on its behavioral culture in an easy to understand, actionable, format.
  • The initial cost for an Everything DiSC profile includes:
    • Unlimited comparison reports with any other holder of an Everything DiSC profile in your Epic account.
    • Access to a personal portal called MyEverythingDiSC.com where the participant can learn more about his/her style, the DiSC model itself and create 1:1 comparisons (by invitation) with anyone else having a personal account.  Click here to learn more about MyEverythingDiSC.com
    • Optional facilitator supplements to help the participant see how his/her style differs from the stereotype and is, therefore, unique.
  • The TEAM Approach provides additional tools to enhance the day-to-day application of DiSC.

For more on the evolution of DiSC, please contact our office to set up a more detailed explanation.