Analyze Performance

Why is this person falling short of the performance expectation?

In his classic book, Analyzing Performance Problems: Or, You Really Oughta Wanna–How to Figure out Why People Aren’t Doing What They Should Be, and What to do About It, Bob Mager suggests there are four key reasons someone’s performance fails to meet the mark:

Awareness: do you know you are to do it?

Skill: do you know how to do it?

Support: do you have what you need to do it?

Motivation: do you want to do it?

Knowing the reason for poor performance enables you to choose the appropriate action or intervention. Trying to solve all performance issues with training is wasteful and ineffective.

After entering the performance issue into the Performance Analysis site you can respond to 16 questions which are based on Bob Mager’s model. The resulting analysis will lead you to the area to target and provide additional questions to ponder to help you develop a plan of action.  Give it a try for yourself and then use it in coaching someone you supervise.

Performance Analysis Site

Mager Model flow chart