DIY Tools for Learning Professionals

DIYboxThrough the years our team has developed a number of tools for projects that we’d like to share with you. No catch. You’ll find robust tools you can work into your own team, leadership or customer service training interventions.  A few highlights:

Team Check-up

Our team checkup gives a team a snap shot of where they are at any moment in time. Our simple facilitator guide leads you through a quick and simple process to use this tool. Team members can be asked to forward results to a facilitator who can aggregate (as explained in the facilitator guide) these results onto flip charts to host a town meeting with the team.

Team Leader Check-up

The team leader check-up can be used to provide anonymous 360 feedback for you or your team leader. This report seeks to provide insight and help team leaders focus on building strength in the areas of leadership, innovation, decision making, delegating, resolving conflict, and more.

Employee Engagement Starter kit

Check out four rules from the book 42 Rules of Employee Engagement. Gain access to discussions and activities which address cultural issues that impact engagement. This grass roots approach puts the team leader in the driver seat to address issues which the team and the team leader have the ability to change.

Bookends Book Club

Easily engage with new ideas in leadership, talent development, teamwork, and more. Discuss them with your team using Bookends Book Club where you can listen to author interviews on those books you’ve been meaning to read. Downloadable MP3 files and discussion guides available for your convenience.

Miscommunication and Customer Service Calculators

Sometimes an object lesson goes a long way in helping learners discover the impact they can have on the team or organization. Check out our calculators and use them in your training interventions.
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We are glad you are here and accessing our complimentary tools. If you have need for stronger relationships, greater performance and results, we offer a wide range of tools to support you that you can drive internally with our turn key facilitator kits, portals and assessments. Our tools are easily customizable to fit your unique needs. Contact us today.