Providing Performance Feedback


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Most employees want feedback about their work and strive to improve their performance. You know what it takes to achieve results; your success got you a leadership position. Providing high-quality performance feedback to your team members gives them the information they need to succeed.

As a manager and team leader, you are aware of your team members’ performance, and uniquely positioned to provide effective feedback. It is critical that you are able to establish a process that helps improve team member performance while maintaining strong relationships within the team. Whether given formally during a performance review or informally during a one-on-one meeting, clear and actionable feedback helps ensure the growth and success of team members.

The Vital Learning Providing Performance Feedback™ course equips managers and team leaders with a fair and fact-based collaborative model for feedback sessions. This model helps reduce discomfort and improves the payoff from challenging feedback discussions between a manager and team member. Providing effective performance feedback is highly collaborative; when team members agree to the process, they are committed to its success and will work to produce great results.

What You Will Learn: Providing Performance Feedback Fact Sheet

  • How to develop a collaborative feedback process
  • How to get team-member buy-in
  • How to implement a systematic approach to performance improvement

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Employees who complete this course are eligible to earn college credit toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree through the University of Phoenix.