Team Check-Up

Does Your Team Need a Check-Up?

Try our free online Team Check-Up and then consider how your entire team would respond to this assessment. Your team (small team or an entire organization) can assess the perceptions of its members using this tool to build on strengths and identify areas for improvement. Often this process uncovers issues that may contribute to low morale, decreased productivity, lack of commitment or increased turnover.

Pick an option that is right for your organization:

Option 1 – You can conduct a simple version of this entire process yourself using our website, and it is absolutely FREE!  To get started, register as a Checkup Facilitator on the facilitator registration page.

Option 2 – Let us administer the process for you using 20/20Insight software.

20/20 Insight allows your team to respond to this survey anonymously and provide both numerical scores and written comments for each of the 35 questions in the survey. The web-based response form makes it easy to participate. When all team members have responded, we will print a report and send it to you. The report will feature two scales- importance and performance. Additionally, any comments that were provided will appear unedited and attached to the corresponding item in the survey.

Click here to download a sample report.

Aggregate reports can be produced to help you understand the climate throughout the organization.

To get the most from the Checkup we recommend a series of  “town meetings” to process the report, assess its meaning, decide what goals and actions will be taken as a result, and gain commitment and time-lines for completion. It works because the plan is created in real time in response to real information provided by your team. Use one of our facilitators to conduct these sessions or do it yourself.

Option 3 – The same as Option 2 but you manage the process in-house with your purchase of 20/20 Insight. In addition to Team Check-Up assessments, use this software tool for 360 degree feedback projects for leadership, managers, sales representatives and others. Also, use it for organizational climate surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, training needs assessments, training evaluation assessments, and more! To explore this versatile tool, contact us for complete product details and pricing, or schedule a product tour with our technical support staff.

If We Conduct The Checkup For You:

  1. First, we’ll need the names of each team member participating and individual e-mail addresses.  We will send you instructions via email and a link to enter this information online.
  2. We recommend you conduct a simple orientation session with your team while we set up your project. You can download our basic presentation and additional support materials from a secure area of our web site (you will receive a password with your order).  If you wish, we can provide a facilitator to conduct the entire process for you.
  3. We will send a personalized e-mail message to each respondent with a link to a web-based assessment (unique for each respondent).   Let us know if you would like to sample this process and we will send the link to you first.
  4. After completing the assessment we will accept their data into your project file on our computer.
  5. When all team members have responded, we will prepare a report and send it to you via e-mail (you will need Acrobat Reader). The report will feature two scales- importance and performance. Your report will show the aggregate score for your team, the distribution for each of the 35 items, as well as all comments which will appear exactly as they are provided by your team.

Investment: A Team Checkup report will cost $295 for a team of any size (the smaller the team the more effective the process). For multiple teams in the same organization there are volume discounts. Facilitation fees, if needed, will be quoted based on your requirements. The process begins by sending us your order which provides us with details on your project – click to download the form.