(this toolkit is for leaders that are looking to refine their skills in handling more difficult challenges and his/her impact on their organization and teams)

Value Price at $ 650.00 + ship. & handling
Value Price without Core Leadership Toolkit at $400.00 + ship & handling
Ask about individualized coaching & follow-up, classroom training & retreats and on-line courses & trials, if desired.

1. Everything included in the Core Leadership Toolkit Plus –

2. Everything DiSC Management on-line profile and report (this profile teaches about individualized strengths and challenges as managers and leaders and how to adapt to meet the needs of people who manage and become more effective in daily leadership)

3. The 4-Dimensional Manager Book

4. Effective Discipline Workbook (this workbook teaches managers/leaders how to preserve team members’ self-esteem and egos while changing the unacceptable behavior. It encourages the best kind of discipline (self-discipline) and motivates team members to accomplish their goals and work well within the organization)

5. Resolving Conflict Workbook (this workbook shows managers/leaders how to explore a conflict and get to the heart of the problem to correct it before it threatens the organization even more)

6. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders on-line profile and report (this profile focuses on measuring a leader’s behavior and provides tangible steps directed at leading a team or organization toward desired outcomes)

7. Developing and Coaching Others Workbook (this workbook equips managers/leaders with tools to successfully motivate, direct and coach team members through a learning process to ensure the transfer of learning into improved on-the-job performance. It also shows how to effectively handle “coaching moments” to improve team members performance on the job)

8. Supporting Change Workbook (this workbook shows managers/leaders how to introduce change inducing defensive reactions. It provides tools to help facilitate acceptance of new ways and a troubleshooting guide.

NOTE: two workbooks can be substituted for another in The Vital Learning series

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