(this toolkit is for managers and leaders on a career track to succeed and hone skills for future leadership responsibilities)
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Ask about individualized coaching and follow-up, classroom training & retreats, on-line courses & trials, if desired.

1. The 8 Dimensions of Leadership book, individualized on-line profile and leadership map, and CD of interview with the authors

2. Essential Skills of Leadership Workbook (the most important skills for a manager/leader are outlined in this workbook that teaches ways to maintain and enhance team members self-esteem, focus on behavior and not personal characteristics and encourage team member participation)

3. Essential Skills of Communication Workbook (this workbook teaches ways to create a climate of open communication, design clear and concise messages, manage non-verbal messages effectively and listen well to communicate)

4. Everything DiSC Workplace on-line profile and report (this profile focuses on your individualized workplace style, priorities and preferences and how to better understand colleagues behaviors and learn strategies to successfully connect with them)

5. Developing Performance Goals and Standards Workbook (this workbook shows leaders how to establish specific, measurable, attain-able, results-oriented and time-framed performance standards. It provides steps to gain agreement & commitment to standards)
NOTE: one workbook can be substituted for another in The Vital Learning series.

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