Look at Supervision

Is our supervisory curriculum right for you? We want to provide every opportunity for you to be certain. Here are three different ways for you to do this:

  1. You can preview the elearning versions of any course (over 700 of these)
  2. We can bring a short taste in-house and your supervisors and HRD team can get a hands on experience before you decide. We call this…try us.
  3. You can attend one of our train-the-trainer / evaluation sessions to get an in-depth look at one of the modules….we call this looking under the hood. 

Susan Stamm

Join us for a look under the hood as we facilitate a virtual train-the-trainer for the Vital Learning Leadership Essential curriculum.  In addition to seeing how the publisher suggests the module is to be facilitated, Susan Stamm, your facilitator,  will share tips, techniques and enhancements that will ensure your success.  We will provide you with a demo workbook and other materials needed to join us as our guest for this look under the hood.

The next session in this series we will explore is Delegating- which is the most underutilized leadership opportunity, according to Steve Arneson, author of Bootstrap Leadership. Download a fact sheet on this module.

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