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Two Day Classroom Version

Why go through a DiSC® certification if it’s not required by the publisher?

To become a DISC Genius, perhaps?

While there is no requirement for  DiSC® certification to work with the DiSC® Profile, our clients find that our certification process helps them take DiSC® from an event that is introduced and forgotten to a language that can be installed in their organizations and applied in multiple applications: team development, management development, sales development, customer service, conflict resolution, coaching, counseling and more.

The TEAM Approach® offers a truly comprehensive DiSC Certification Process facilitated by a recognized leader in the delivery of DiSC® applications.  EPIC, the  online delivery medium,  the Everything DiSC Facilitation System for DiSC Classic and the new Everything DiSC Application Library are featured in this program.  Class size is limited to eight students for maximum learning and participation.  See our photo gallery for pics of previous classes.

With a participant fee of only $895 this is truly the best value DiSC certification process available.

Check the events calendar for class dates and listen to what a few graduates of our DiSC certification have to say about our process and DiSC applications:

Adam Sherrick speaking on our DiSC Certification process

Sue Sipe speaking on the DiSC Certification program and applications

Linda Lentz speaking on implementation after DiSC Certification in her organization

Wanda Ritter speaking on the value of DiSC Certification to a DiSC facilitator

(Have more people in your organization who would benefit from DiSC Certification?  Ask about an in-house version where the content can be tailored to your specific needs.  Let us come to you!)


Our DiSC certification process begins with a number of pre-class assignments followed by two days of classroom instruction, a few self-study activities, and finally, a practicum which includes a 360 feedback evaluation.  Perhaps most importantly – ongoing reinforcement and support.

A key theme throughout the process is the implementation of a proper philosophy on the use of the DiSC® Model of Behavior – or any other behavioral instrument for that matter.

Pre-Class Assignments

In order to maximize our time together in the classroom, we require you do the following before coming to class:

  1. Complete a DiSC® profile using our EPIC system and then personalize the report that you will receive as a PDF file;
  2. Complete an online course entitled Understanding Behavioral Styles which will provide the basics of the DiSC® model of behavior;
  3. Read the book, The Great Connection;
  4. Profile two people using the DiSC® Classic Profile, interview each, and record the results on an interview sheet (download form) created by The TEAM Approach®;
  5. Complete a Role Behavior Analysis® on the role of a facilitator.

All required materials will be sent via land mail and email approximately two weeks prior to the class.

Classroom Instruction

Day One – DiSC Foundations using DiSC Classic

The original representation of the DiSC model will be used to enhance your understanding of DiSC.

Day Two – DiSC Circumplex: The Everything DiSC Application Library

The new circumplex representation of the DiSC model takes you into higher levels of personalization and refined application.


During your two days in the classroom you will:

  • Experience a workshop where the DiSC® Classic Profile is the primary learning tool;
  • Experience a workshop where as Everything DiSC Report is featured (circumplex model of DiSC);
  • Learn how to apply a variety of exercises to your DiSC® training programs;
  • Be tested on your knowledge of the DiSC® Model of Behavior;
  • Review the concepts of role-based behavior using the Role Behavior Analysis®;
  • Experience a teambuilding exercise using your General Characteristics report from the DiSC PPSS;
  • Set up an online profile using your EPIC account;
  • Review the variety of tools available to apply the DiSC® model in your organization;
  • Learn how to use the EPIC Online Profile System,
  • Discuss and plan your personal application of the DiSC® model in your organization

Your Tool Kit

You will receive a variety of tools (download from our website whenever you need them) and copies of helpful books you can use as you plan your approach to introducing DiSC® in your organization:

  • Handout masters for two versions of a basic DiSC® Classic workshop – teambuilding and team leader development;
  • Handout masters for a workshop on Role-Based behavior;
  • Powerpoint files for each of the above workshops and more;
  • Handout masters for a variety of application exercises you can use in your workshops;
  • Powerpoint files for a teambuilding exercise designed for the Personal Profile System® Software report and DiSC Classic
  • Software files and handouts for independent study on applications of the DiSC model of behavior;

Self Study

To further ground you in the DiSC® Model there are two required reading assignments and some optional recommendations:


  1. The DiSC® Behavioral Management System – This article presents a clear overview of how and why the DiSC® model of behavior, as presented in Wiley products, provides practitioners with a comprehensive system to use in managing behavior and improving performance.  Written by Pamela Cole (content expert for the Personal Profile System Software® for Windows®), this article is a foundational piece for anyone using the DiSC® model in performance management today. You are permitted to reprint provided you retain Pamela’s copyright information.  Download a short version in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.  You will find the full version in the secure area of The TEAM Approach web site.
  2. DiSC® and Role Behavior Analysis  in Performance Coaching – This article presents guidance on how and why to use the two key pieces of the Personal Profile System Software® for Windows®:  the Personal Profile System® (now called DiSC Classic) and the Role Behavior Analysis®, in performance coaching.  Written by Pamela Cole (content expert for the software and developer of the Role Behavior Analysis® instrument) this article is essential for anyone using the DiSC® model in performance management today. You are permitted to reprint provided you retain Pamela’s copyright information.  The file is formated in Adobe Acrobat (pdf).  Download the article


  1. DiSC®: Helpful Books.  There are many good books to help you understand the DiSC® model and behavioral differences. We will post some of our favorites here. Please suggest others you may know of so we can add them to this list (those with an asterisk will be provided during your training).
  2. Online Reinforcement Program.  Reinforce your knowledge of the DiSC® Model with a shortened version of the online program used as a prerequisite for your classroom session. Check the demo and consider ordering the program as a review of what we did in class if a significant amount of time elapses before you conduct your first training with the DiSC® profile.
  3. Explore the variety of DiSC applications with our self-study process.


When you leave the two-day classroom event, you will be ready to apply your knowledge. This final two-part practicum will complete your certification process.

  1. Profile one additional person using the Everything DiSC Workplace report from your EPIC system and discuss your relationship with them using the EPIC Comparison Report and the Great Connection Personal Action Guide.
  2. The real test of our program is to actually present a DiSC® seminar of your choosing to a group of participants and get your hands-on experience. Please feel free to give us a call as you prepare. We will be happy to help you get ready for this first event. And, don’t forget to take advantage of your certification special as you plan your program.


During your DiSC® seminar practicum, get a list of names and email addresses from your participants and ask them for their cooperation in evaluating your presentation.

Enter participant information on a special web site (or an Excel Template we provide) and we will send them the link for an online assessment of your program. To see a sample of this online data entry procedure, click here.    (UserName is “disc” and Password is “sample”.)

When the results are received from your participants, we will send you a report and discuss the findings with you. To see what this looks like, download the feedback on Rick Stamm, your facilitator, or just review the survey items.

Reinforcement and Support

After you leave the classroom, the learning and support continues:

  • You will receive a series of weekly email messages to enhance your understanding of your new EPIC system
  • A secure area of our web site provides access to the resources covered in the classroom and much, much, more
  • Special discounts on DiSC® products following your completion of the process
  • Special discounts on other learning instruments such as the  Time Mastery  and Team Dimensions  profiles
  • You will be invited back to audit future certification sessions at a reduced price to keep current with product advancements
  • Telephone coaching and support will be available whenever you need advice on using the DiSC model in training or coaching applications

DiSC is a registered trademark of  John Wiley & Sons, Inc.