DISC-In-Depth Cards

DISC-in-Depth Cards help DISC training participants clarify the differences between the four DiSC dimensions of behavior. Trainers…test your training participants’ knowledge of the DiSC dimensions in a fun, interactive way!

Each deck contains 4 DISC cards, 12 Category cards, and 48 Description cards. There are 10 decks in each set,  which is enough for 30-40 participants.

Set-Up for the DISC-in-Depth Cards

Provide one deck of cards for every 3-4 participants, or you may do the exercise in pairs.  Participants will need enough table space for so each team can sort the cards and lay them out in columns.

DISC-in-Depth Cards Instructions

Trainers will ask each team to lay the four D, I, S, and C cards across the left side of their ‘virtual game board,’ and the twelve Category cards along the top.  DISC training participants will then identify the Category of the white card and decide which description on each of the Category cards belongs to each DiSC dimension and sort the cards by D-I-S-C beneath the appropriate Category card.

DISC trainers should allow 20-30 minutes for all teams to finish their sorting and then debrief and provide the correct answers. DISC trainers can then answer questions to validate how cards are sorted and provide other information and give real life examples from their own experience to expand the participants’ learning.

Get a set of DISC -in-Depth Cards

$100 per Set – a set of cards contains 10 decks

Each set includes instructions, answer sheet, and PowerPoint slides to help play and debrief the game