Trust Study

Join me in my study of workplace trust.

Rick Stamm

Rick Stamm

I am looking for a few thousand people to participate in a number of short surveys over the next few months as a further investigation into what I am learning about workplace trust.  The intent is to study a hypothesis that might link observable behaviors, based on the DISC leadership map, to an actionable, simple, model of workplace trust.

If you choose to participate you will be sent a series of short surveys. I do not expected you to participate in every one of them but, hopefully, you will choose many of them.

The first step in joining this research group is the completion of a DiSC assessment which will map your behavioral style along the eight dimensions of the most current rendering of DiSC as published by John Wiley & Sons (new owners of Inscape Publishing).  When completed, you will receive a one-page map of your style, which is actually a companion piece to the book, The 8 Dimensions of Leadership.  Our budget for this study does not allow us to present you with a complete DiSC report, or the book, but we will send you the first chapter of the book, a copy of the research behind the model, and an overview of the eight dimensions.  If you are interested, we will also offer a discount for you to purchase  a full DiSC Leadership report and the book on our online store.

If you are willing to participate please complete the form below.  Within 24 hours you will receive your link to the online DiSC assessment and entered into the database of our research group.  Feel free to invite others.  We need a large group.

Whether you join this effort or not, you are invited to follow the progress on my blog, The Story of Trust, and encouraged to listen to Susan’s interview with the authors of The 8 Dimensions of Leadership.

If you have questions, or wish to discuss this with me, please email or call 717/672-0425.  I would love to connect with you.

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