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Time management is really self-management which involves behavior change and the development of new habits. Not an easy task. It begins by replacing one habit with another.  This takes time.  It is a physical process of changing the neural pathways in your brain. 

Over the next 14 weeks, we will send you a series of personal activities to help you improve the way you manage your time. The messages are designed as a follow-up to reinforce a self-assessment called the Time Mastery Profile we use in Time Management workshops and individual coaching.  The assessment measures 12 areas of time management skill and provides practical tips for improvement in each area – download the  Time Mastery Overview

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If you don’t have your personal report, would love to introduce you to the Time Mastery Profile.  Contact us for a sample report and pricing options or order access codes using the button below and begin your journey. 

Use our weekly series of email messages to take you back to your Time Mastery Profile and commit to spending each week on one behavior associated with that aspect of Time Mastery.  To make this process even more powerful, share the email with a friend with whom you will explain your goal for the week and then debrief at the end of the week.  If you are experiencing the profile with a class or team, check in at the end of each week and share your successes.

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