Team Leader Development

People Usually Don’t Quit Their Company:
They Quit Their Boss!

Leading a team is all about relationships…developing trust and confidence and, eventually, loyalty. While it is not difficult, for many it is not instinctive. Most people enter the role of supervisor or team leader because they are very good in some technical or service skill – not because they have outstanding skills at supervising others or leading a team. The good news is that these critical skills can be learned and improved by almost anyone willing to make the commitment.

Developing team leaders is not accomplished in a one day training event (or even multiple days). At The TEAM Approach®, we believe that all development is self development and that people learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it. We also believe that skills are developed over time and within a process.

Our extensive team leader skills tool box contains solutions to meet the diverse needs of your organization. We provide individual tools you can purchase and apply; train-the-trainer opportunites for the in-house consultant; programs to be delivered by our staff at your location; and, a process approach for team leaders ready to take the challenge of self-reflection, structured inquiry, and skill deployment – we call our process Team Leader Cafe’

Additionally, we offer you the ability to assess your team leaders in the basics… and it’s free!

Why assess your team leaders?


Recent studies by the Gallup Organization have found:

There are no great companies. There are only great workgroups
There appear to be 12 dimensions that consistently describe great workgroups. (Note: our Team CheckUp covers all but one of these)
The longer workers stay in their jobs, the more disheartened they become
Great managers drive engagement up over time by developing employees around their strengths
Teams achieve excellence by letting players spend most of their time on what they do well

Start with a free online assessment of your team leader’s skills as they exist today.

For more information of the Gallup research we recommend:

Based on your needs you may want to refine:

  1. General Management Behaviors with either


  2. Relationship Strategies


  3. Specific Problem Area Skills


  4. Coaching Team Members


And if your need is general exploration of interpersonal skills consider: