Key Products

We have built an extensive tool box through our alignment with exceptional publishers of learning content and through our years of developing our own tools and support materials to help extend the learning and ensure it transfers back to the workplace. We invite you to explore the demo pages and offers associated with most of these tools. Contact us to learn more.

Work of Leaders

Everything DiSC Workplace

Everything DiSC Management

Everything DiSC Sales

DiSC 363

Essential Skills of Leadership

Essential Skills of Communicating

Developing Performance Goals and Standards

Providing Performance Feedback


Resolving Conflict

Improving Work Habits

Supporting Change

Managing Complaints

Communicating Up

Effective Discipline

Coaching Job Skills

Solving Workplace Problems

Developing and Coaching Others

Motivating Team Members

Leading Successful Projects

Hiring Winning Talent

Retaining Winning Talent

Adventures in Attitudes – AiA Classic

Time Mastery Training

Listening Training

Work Expectations

Coping and Stress

Diversity Training

Search for the Dutchman’s Lost Gold Mine

Team Check-up

Leadership the Engagement Factor

Leading Empowered Teams

Attaining Excellence

Attaining Excellence for Local Governments

BAD Idea Campaign

Good Idea Campaign

BAD is Back

Feelings for Retail

Feelings for Professionals

Empowering Employees

Remember Me

Loyal for Life


Moving Up!

Essence of Caring

Spirit of Excellence

Service First Video Library

Frontline Management- Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style

Improving Listening Skills

Capitalizing on Team Talents

Collaborative Skills for Teams

Conflict Management- A DiSC Based Approach

DiSC Powered Selling