DiSC Classic

Perhaps your employees do not work in an office, or have an email account…DiSC Classic profiles and DiSC Classic Facilitation Kit offer the flexibility to deliver DiSC in electronic or self-scoring paper formats:

  • Better Workplace Communication
  • Conflict Prevention and Resolution
  • Increasing Sales
  • Interpersonal Management
  • Management
  • Team building

Insight Modules in the DiSC Classic Facilitation System:

DiSC Classic is built on a series of Insight Modules that help facilitate specific outcomes, or “Insights.” Create a custom program or use it right out of the box. More than 20 experiential learning activities for groups and individuals, plus alternative activities to help you tailor programs to fit your audience.

Media Rich

Professional presentations to engage participants.

  • 60+ minutes of video
  • 250+ customizable PowerPoint slides, including template
  • Support handouts

DiSC Classic Samples:

  1. Sample Course OutlineDiSCClassic_Sample_Module
  2. Sample Facilitation ModuleClassicSampleInsightModule
  3. Sample DiSC Classic 2.0 ProfileDiSC Classic Sample
  4. Sample PPSS Plus Management ReportPPSSSampleMgr
  5. Sample PPSS Sales Report PPSS Sales Report Sample
  6. Sample PPSS Role Behavior Comparison Report PPS RBA comparison

Media from the DiSC Classic Facilitation System:

The DiSC® Classic Facilitation System includes four sections of integrated video. The video can be used as-is, stand-alone, or in your own custom programs.

  • Pure Styles. You’ll meet four characters who represent the four DiSC styles. The characters provide an overview about their behavior and describe their goals, fears, preferred environment, and response to conflict.
  • The Meeting. You’ll see a team in conflict, one-on-one discussions between a manager and each team member, and a successful resolution.
  • Effective Communication. You’ll see examples of how an HR manager fails to communicate effectively, then improves by adapting his communication style to the DiSC styles of four individuals.
  • Natural Styles. You’ll get informal, unscripted responses to eight questions from people of all four DiSC styles, a conversation between two opposite styles, and a people-reading activity.