Developing Sales Skills

Relationships Built by Your Sales Team Can Last a Lifetime!

Selling is all about relationships…developing trust and confidence and eventually loyalty. While it is not difficult, for many it is not instinctive. The good news is that selling skills can be learned and improved by both the newest and the most experienced members of your team.

In sales training, one size does not fit all. At The TEAM Approach, we believe that all development is self development and that people learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it. No where is there a clearer connection to the benefits of learning than in your sales department. An immediate payoff can be seen by both the individual and the organization. But the skill development must match the performance deficit. Mis-targeted training interventions are not only a poor investment of your resources, but they can also de-motivate a professional that excels in the skills being taught.

Our extensive selling skills tool box has solutions to meet the diverse needs of your sales team.

Recent studies have found:

* FACT *
82% of sales people fail to differentiate themselves from their competitor
* FACT *
86% of sales people ask the wrong questions
* FACT *
Only 18% of sales people close without discounting price
* FACT *
95% of customers say that sales people talk too much
* FACT *
62% of sales people fail to ask for commitment
Any of these facts fit your sales team?

Based on your needs you may want to refine:

Sales Process Skills with either 

Relationship Strategies and Sales Style Flexibility

Develop Specific  Skills with Online Courses

And if your need is Energizing the Sales Team at Sales Meetings consider: