30 Years of Teaming

In October of 2016 The TEAM Approach will turn 30!  It has been quite a journey from the day our trademark attorney asked us if this “team thing” is just a fad to today where every organization we work with uses the terminology “team approach” in one way or another.  You could say we were ahead of our time.

From the beginning we made the decision to partner with our clients, offering them a team approach to enhancing the people side of business.  So, much of our work has been providing tools and services that enable you to be the internal practitioner.

To celebrate this team approach, we invite you to join us for a brief look back as we highlight a few of the ideas we have come up with over the years to add value to our products and services.  You will leave with  a variety of “no cost” tools we provide which can stand alone or enhance other products that we offer.

Use the form below to register for an upcoming webinar.

And, in the meantime, take a look at the DIY section of our website.  We will be featuring these in the webinar.
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