Meet Stewart Levine, Author of Getting to Resolution

Diana WhitneyCurrent models for resolving conflict don’t really work. They waste incredible amounts of time, money, and energy and take an enormous emotional toll on participants. People remain embittered, relationships are destroyed, and the conflict resurfaces in a different form because the real emotional aspects of the conflict were not addressed. Cover

In this second edition of his classic book, Stewart Levine offers a revolutionary alternative that goes beyond compromise or giving in and provides real resolution for everyone involved. Marriages run amuck, neighbors at odds with one another, business deals gone sour, and the pain and anger caused by corporate structural changes are just a few of the conflicts he addresses. The new edition has been thoroughly revised with new examples: new tools; new material about communication, building trust, and virtual collaboration; and a more global outlook.

Stewart Levine is the founder of Resolution Works. His clients have included American Express, Chevron, General Motors, NASA, Oracle, and many others. He is also the author of The Book of Agreement.

Listen in as Susan Stamm interviews Stewart on Bookends

Recorded February 25, 2010


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